Keegan is in full control and isn’t worried about Wise

Newcastle boss Kevin Keegan has again moved to dispel the chattering hordes that claim he has already lost the plot after yet again getting battered 3-0 by Arsenal. Keegan claims he is in full control and approves of Wise’s appointment:

“There’s no deception, I knew they were going to appoint a director of football, I just didn’t know who it was going to be.

“This would have happened no matter who the manager might have been.

“They want someone on the board who understands football and, whatever people want to say about him, Dennis Wise knows the game.

“The chain has been established. He will report to me and I think it will work very well, although only time will tell.

“I’m fine with the changes, I’m all for them. Provided I get all the help I need, it’s a positive thing from my point of view.”

The fact of the matter though, is that Dennis Wise is an extremely ambitious young manager, and for him to take on a job like this – which apparently has no first team involvement – without having eyes for the Newcastle hotseat, would be lunacy.

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