Manchester City want ‘balloon-gate’ investigation!

The Guardian report that Manchester City have lodged an official complaint to the FA about Sheffield United’s opening goal last Sunday, claiming that the referee should have disallowed it due to balloon distraction. Immediately after the match, manager Sven-Goran Eriksson seemed pretty philosophical about the incident in which defender Michael Ball was outfoxed by the travelling fans’, allowing Luton Shelton to nip in and score. However, the club are now taking action!

Eriksson has consulted the rule book and believes there is a watertight case that Sheffield United’s first goal should not have been allowed to stand after the ball ricocheted off the balloons in Joe Hart’s goalmouth.

City, who lost 2-1, have asked for an official explanation why the game was not stopped so that the balloons could be cleared away. Eriksson’s coaching staff had sent a message to the referee, Alan Wiley, to “kill the balloons” but the game was allowed to continue, resulting in one of the more freakish FA Cup goals and an embarrassing defeat for City.

Has Sven and City got a point or, like the balloons, are they just full of hot air? You can understand why the Swede feels deflated, considering the flat performances his team have produced recently.

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