Ramos Revolution beginning to take hold

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Tottenham successfully held Manchester United to a standstill yesterday as they conceded to a 1-1 draw in the dying seconds of the game. Despite the scoreline, Ramos’ Spurs dominated almost every pass and movement, something in which Sir Alex Ferguson couldn’t quite match on this particular day. Having spent nearly £20 million on new defenders Woodgate, Hutton and Gunter. It was not the 5-1 drilling of league leaders Arsenal in the Carling Cup that was significance, it was, in fact, the 1-1 draw against Manchester United which proved and substantiated the believers over the doubters in regard to the future of the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and manager Juande Ramos.

Tottenham manager, Juande Ramos, following Manchester United’s last second equaliser, said to SkySports:

“When you are playing against a team as good as United, it cannot be two points dropped,”

“We were close but the game isn’t over until the end: we were unlucky but that’s the way it is. We’ve seen that it is an own goal and Michael has said that it is an own goal.”

“It was a good game for Hutton, considering he had only trained for two days and he doesn’t know his team-mates well,”

“It will see him improve and he will get better as he gets to know his team-mates.

“He is covering one of the weaker areas of the team and we hope with the signings of the players that we will keep improving.”

Whilst this may be considered old news in the football world, it is important to reiterate that there has not been enough emphases on the sheer belief and skill that Ramos has brought to White Hart Lane. Ramos, has been described, and reported by many, as the strictest manager in the Premier League – diets are monitored, personal issues are consulted, and general unhappiness is received as a way to strengthen the team rather than weaken. The scaffolding at Tottenham has never been as strong, and the family mentality has brought unity to a side plagued with poor form and horrid supporters. Whilst most Premier League supporters loathe the idea of thinking about that side of London, the Spurs, under Ramos, may be able to revive their respect to that of a higher stage – equal with the likes of Leeds United or even Ebbsfleet United. Could it be Ramos who will force the extension of the elite four to the magnificent five? Or, alike past Tottenham managers, will Ramos flop, and become a mere tombstone of what could of been?

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