Manchester United manager fears Munich tribute will be tarnished

The Guardian reports that Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is concerned about the one-minute silences due to take place at Wembley on Wednesday and Old Trafford on Sunday. These tributes will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster and the Scot doesn’t appear confident that every supporter in the ground can be trusted to behave themselves.

Ferguson is acutely aware that “one or two idiots” could make sure it is remembered for the wrong reasons.

His primary concern is the game at Wembley. “There could be a mixed reaction,” the United manager acknowledged. “You never know because England fans are a mixture of supporters from all different clubs. I just hope that it goes well because, if it weren’t to, it could give encouragement to City fans to misbehave themselves at the derby.”

The problem with such media attention to the tributes is that it potentially gives troublemakers more of a stage to ruin things before England’s game against Switzerland and the Manchester derby on Sunday. How can you stop one football fan from shouting something out when he has an audience of millions to hear him?

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