Drogba: ‘I’m a lover, not a fighter at Chelsea’

Didier Drogba changes his tune more times than a jukebox. Sometimes he claims to love Chelsea and want to make beautiful football with his team-mates. On other occasions, he’s like a spoilt brat who claims he’d love to play for Barcelona and that he’s never been happy at Stamford Bridge. The Daily Telegraph report that his mood is currently erring towards the former emotion right now, with the striker keen to team up with new signing Nicolas Anelka after he returns from the African Nations Cup.

“I said what I did (about teaming up with Eto’o) because I wanted to and I think that everyone has understood the message,” Drogba said.

“Everyone thinks I am in conflict with the leaders at Chelsea. This is not the case.”

Surely Chelsea fans would prefer for the Ivory Coast captain to shut his trap and let his (undeniably effective) football do the talking. You don’t see any other member of the Blues squad speculating about their future through the press, especially when they’re on the other side of the world while their team is fighting it out on four fronts this season.

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