Is the end nearing for Owen’s England career?

…Or are the tabs making a mountain out of a molehill? Fabio Capello yesterday reinforced his no nonsense image after he left Michael Owen as an unused sub in yesterday’s game, this is predictably causing a wave of outrage amongst the tabs, with The Sun’s Mark Irwin claiming:

“Fabio Capello gave England’s superstars the first taste of his iron fist last night, as he brutally ignored Michael Owen.”

So was Fab “brutal” or was he just applying a sensible set of standards as to who he picks to play, Capello said:

“In order to play for England you not only need to be a great player. You also need to be playing well.

“Not everyone can play for their country. They need to be fit and in form at the same time.

“If people are performing the way I want them to, they’ll stay on the pitch. If they’re struggling, then I’ll take them off. But all the players are level for me. They are all equal.

“I think about the substitutions only according to what I see happening on the pitch.

“I decide who to bring on and take off.”

Too right Fab, keep it up!

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