Fabio Capello: England low on technical level

For those who have fostered this almost impossible conviction that England have nothing to learn football-wise from other nations have to swallow this humble pie. The Daily Mail reports that England head coach Fabio Capello feels that the England player’s technical level is under par and much will be required to improve their standards.

Capello’s assistant and spokesman Franco Baldini says:

We need more technical skill, but unfortunately we only have the players for a few days every two months. We are trying to play with the ball more because the English culture after two or three passes is for the ball to sail through the air like a crow. We have to play with more confidence because it’s easier to play when the ball is at our feet. We have to try to incorporate this in our game to give us more chances. Some things were good, some were not. England have to play like England, but maybe a little better.

Now, now. The Italian hardliner is not keeping his thoughts to himself, is he? All that Baldini says about England’s long ball approach and technical inferiority is true and maybe now it’s high time that England start some serious thinking about the style of football that they would want to play.

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