Fans angry with shock Premier League proposal

Yesterday’s announcement that the Premier League have agreed in principle to a round of matches being played overseas has been met with widespread consternation from football club supporters. Although the earliest this could happen is 2011, it appears that a backlash has already begun against a decision which might expand the brand of each team, but ultimately isolates the average supporter even further from the modern game.

The Daily Telegraph report that Andy Burnham, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has a number of concerns about the proposal.

“English football is hugely popular around the world, and I understand the Premier League’s desire to take the game to new audiences,” Burnham said.

“But the implications of this proposal go beyond the Premier League, and careful consideration is needed before any decisions are made. Playing an extra game also raises questions about the integrity of our competition.

“The Premier League brings great benefits to Britain. But its success today is established on the tradition of local club support, built up over generations. The game must never forget its roots.”

Sadly, it’s hard to see anything getting in the way of the proposal. While fans may protest against the fact they’ll have to travel halfway round the world to see their team, the clubs will argue that the revenue brought in will be a good thing in terms of improving the finances and enabling them to sign better players. What do you think?

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