Liverpool’s Rick Parry cautious over new Premiership move

Liverpool chairman Rick Parry is sounding cautious over an ambitious plan formulated by the English Premier League clubs to play 10 matches in cities across the world. LiverpoolFC TV quotes him as saying that although the plan looks healthy and innovative, the teams must take into consideration of playing 1 extra game in January since that could well increase the burden on the already exhausted players.

Parry says:

As a club, we would say the plans would need further examination. My personal view is that it raises concerns over the integrity of the competition. You’re talking about the introduction of a new dimension and new rules regarding playing a team three times and the seedings of certain teams.

Is the idea of playing 10 matches across the world a good one? Of course, the move is driven by commercial incentives more than anything but wouldn’t it also force the players to undertake long journeys and also perform at the peak of their powers when the busy schedule already makes him exhausted?

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