Rafa fuming at Torres loss, blames international friendlies

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez is fuming at the loss of his top player Fernando Torres for the titan clash with Chelsea in the English Premier League on Sunday at Stamford Bridge. LiverpoolFC TV quotes the Spaniard as saying that he is not happy at the international friendlies that cropped up in midweek and also hints at his disgruntlement at the timings of these international matches.

Rafa says:

The news we have on Torres is that it is a hamstring injury. I need to talk to the doctor but I think he will miss this game.

Normally it is a week when a player goes off like this. It is a big problem for us. We have three big games in 10 days in three different competitions, and we have lost our top goalscorer.

It is difficult to be calm about it, this was another international friendly in a busy period for clubs at this time of the season.

It is crazy enough they go away and have different training systems, diets, new ideas. And then they get injured.

We have got some confidence back with a 3-0 win over Sunderland and a very good second-half performance. But then a lot of players are away all over the world and we are left to train with just a few, it makes things very difficult.

It is hard to see who is to blame for Torres’ injury. But the authorities are talking of changing the schedule and to pay money if you lose players.

But it is not about money. We are playing at Chelsea fighting for fourth position, then we have Barnsley in the FA Cup and after that Inter Milan in the Champions League.

That is three important competitions, and if you lose someone like Torres, who was scoring lots of goals, it is a big, big loss.

You can always blame someone, but any solution would be better than this. Every time we have an international break we are talking of a solution and a way to improve things, but still nothing happens.

The players go off with different coaches, some have to train hard and some have to learn a different system. The training can be too intense and people get injured.

It would be better to play all the internationals at the same time, maybe at the end of the season rather than keep sending the players all around the world.

Oh,oh! Seems like the club-versus-country row is rearing its ugly head once again.

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