Sunderland’s Carlos Edwards goes inside the tent

Sunderland winger Carlos Edwards goes into the tent and it’s no ordinary tent either. It is an oxygen tent that will boost the player’s fitness and help him to sustain more breaths.

The Sunderland website reports that Edwards is on a five-day course in London for a swift recovery from his broken leg as club manager Roy Keane rallies his team from relegation worries. Keane needs all his players to stay healthy as the Premiership relegation battle gallops into the home stretch.

Keane says:

Carlos will go in the oxygen tent for five days-mind he does get out! You are only allowed in for three hours a day.

Edwards should count himself himself lucky. There haven’t been many players who have gone into the oxygen tent and of those who have gone, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Raul Gonzalez Blanco are the most famous.

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