FIFA to discuss Premier League proposal

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The news of the English Premier League’s plans to hold some of their matches in foreign territories have reached the FIFA headquarters, or be it through media reports. And FIFA president Sepp Blatter is ready to take action.

No, you need not worry. He is not actually threatening to dash this innovative Premiership plans but says that he will look into the matter after the request is presented officially to him.

Blatter says:

Fifa has been made aware through media reports of these plans. We will expect official documents from the Premier League to be sent to us and the matter will be brought to the attention of the executive at our next meeting, who will then look at the matter.

All the 20 Premiership clubs have unanimously agreed to play one weekend’s matches of the Premier League season in various major cities of the world. This will mean an extra match for each team in one season, a match that is proposed to take place in the month of January. But as football rules have it, the move will only be sanctioned should FIFA approve it and should the football association of the country in which the games will have to be played agrees to it.

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