Rafa Benitez: Dirk Kuyt will score sooner rather than later

Liverpool striker Dirk Kuyt hasn’t struck a goal in his last 12 matches for the Reds and is already under pressure. But manager Rafael Benitez is reported to be backing his under-fire Dutch international striker and says that he is confident that Kuyt will hit the back of the opposition’s net before long.Benitez says:

Everybody was saying that Torres and (Peter) Crouch did well last week, but I will have to change that plan now with probably Dirk Kuyt involved. It will not be rotation now, but something I will have to do. I have no problems with Kuyt. He is a fantastic professional, a worker, so he does an important job for the team. If Torres or (Steven) Gerrard score goals it is because Kuyt is working so hard. He’s OK. He would like to score more goals and I would like him to score more but I have every confidence in him. There maybe is a problem with confidence, but if we create better chances he will score. When strikers score they are happy, they score the winner and everybody is happy and they get man of the match awards, and that is because when you are talking about strikers everybody only talks about goals, not the work they do.

Good for Kuyt but would it be good for Liverpool at the moment? If last week Fernando Torres and Peter Crouch did well, then where is the need to get Kuyt into the equation? It’s almost like going for a blonde when the brunette is satisfactory enough.

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