Villa boss O’Neill not sure about international fixtures

Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill says that he is not too eager to give his opinion on the “international round” of English Premier League matches as proposed on Thursday at this point. The former Glasgow Celtic boss says that although the plan sounds good, there should be ore analysis and reviews of the plan.

O’Neill says:

There were certain things I thought ‘that is interesting’ and other aspects where I thought ‘you need to give this a lot of consideration’.
For example, I am a club manager and international friendlies are a bit of a bind. If you said they will disappear and we can use the extra time for a Premier League game somewhere else, then it is worth considering.
I am a great advocate of a January break. As I know from my time at Celtic, you felt refreshed and ready to go for the second half of the season even though the games might be condensed after that.
This is an extra fixture so you haven’t lost one of your home games.

Sitting on the fence, aren’t you, Mr. O’Neill?

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