Cahill backing of FA International plans

Everton midfielder, and Australian international, Tim Cahill, has reiterated his support of the FA’s plans to extend the boundaries of the Premier League. The FA’s controversial hypothesis that English Premier League games could be played overseas, has sparked immense controversy among the football community, and the followers and despisers have been distinctively seperated, and Tim Cahill has come out to speak his mind.

According to Everton’s official website, Tim Cahill said:

“The Australian people love Premier League football and I am sure a club as big as Everton would attract a massive following,”

“Just the very thought of playing in a packed stadium in Australia really excites me,”

The passionate Australian footballer has usually been tight lipped in front of the press, however, as seen, he is really forward of this possibility. Whilst this may be a step in following the world’s trend of globalisation, is this really necessary? Will this turn the most elite competition in the world, into a global extravaganza? Do you want this? Or will the elitism of the British game be quashed by the likes of Australia, the United States of America and New Zealand?

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