Man City manager wants offside rule to change

Manchester City manager Sven-Goran Eriksson is a much respected man in the football community and even he has thrusted his support in favour of the offside rule changes. The former Lazio and England coach has urged FIFA to alter the rules and bring it to an international level followed by all so that misinterpretations of the rule is eradicated.

Eriksson says:

Now, (the offside rule) is in need of clarification. When even the referee is telling you it is grey something is wrong. Make it black and white, don’t make it grey. I don’t think you can do anything about it in England. You have to do it at a Fifa level. If you are the Premier League or Serie A or La Liga you have to follow them and that is it. It is more an international question than a national one.

The problem with the current offside rule is that a player can be termed to be in an offside position only when he is “active” in the area. FIFA rules do not clarify the term “active” and this has led to the referees’s inconsistency on interpretating the clause.

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