South Africa’s proposal to legalize Prostitution for World Cup 2010 an insult?

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South Africa, controversially, won the bid to host the 2010 World Cup, and since the decision nearly 2 years ago, South Africa have not proved to be the most reliable of candidates. There have been times of progress, yet times of shame have been a more common feature to the South Africa campaign – and now, South Africa have considered the legalization of prostitution in order to help assist the ‘performance’ and functionality of one of the most famous competition in the world.

Police Commisoner Jackie Selebi and MP George Lekgetho proposed the idea, as they believed it would allow policeman to focus on crimes other than prostitution.

ANC MP George Lekgetho said,

“It is one of the things that would make it [the tournament] a success because we hear of many rapes, because people don’t have access to them [women],”

“If sex working is legalised people would not do things in the dark. That would bring us tax and would improve the lives of those who are not working.”

However, DA MP Sydney Opperfman, asserted otherwise,

“You cannot attach a price to the deepest union between a man and a woman and link it to our tax base.”

Should FIFA infiltrate, and directly take control of the proceedings in Africa? Or should we, as the football community, accept that ‘TIA – This is Africa’ is a true statement and that we should just ignorantly accept that Southern Africa can indulge in their own misery and take responsibility of a chaotic World Cup of 2010?

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