Is Rafa resuming old fights with his American paymasters once again?

Tribal Football reports that Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has reopened old battle with his owners Geoge Gillett and Tom Hicks. He appears to have said this to the News of the World:

What is evident is that back at that time we were in a great position and the team was in shape to win many of the games which we eventually drew. So the entire process is what allowed the gap to open between us and the leaders. If I wanted, I have the perfect excuse. The only solution I have is to try to bury myself in my work. And it is vital we win today to enable us to fight at least for that fourth-place spot.

Well, how deep should we read into this little piece of quote? That Rafa and his players are not happy with the club’s owners is clear to every Tom,Dick and Harry but why would Rafa flare up old fires?

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