Man United secretary: City fans were great

Manchester City’s 2-1 win over their city rivals Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday marked the 50th anniversary of the Munich disaster and while City were superb on the pitch, their fans were great too in the stands. They didn’t make any sound whatsoever during the one minute’s silence that was observed before the kickoff.

Man United club secretary Ken Ramsden has praised the City fans after their supportive demonstration and has to sing this about them:

Manchester came together and that for us was wonderful. When the City fans left the stadium last night (after watching their side win 2-1) they left singing `we are impeccable’ and I couldn’t agree more, they were impeccable. Well there was some trepidation obviously, because the families (of the victims) were here. It only takes one or two people out of 76,000 (to make a noise) so it could have easily gone wrong, but I think the fact that it didn’t is a great tribute to both clubs and particularly Manchester City. I can’t think there is another city in the land that could have done as well as Manchester did yesterday.

Kudos to Man City fans from the neutrals too. Let football unite us all.

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Watch Manchester United live online

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