Shearer move to Newcastle still on?

The Daily Mail reckons (three words that will have readers wincing) that there is still a chance that Alan Shearer could still come to Newcastle United and work under Kevin Keegan. According to the Daily Mail Keegan has left the door wide open for Al, Keegan said:

‘I’ve definitely not given up on it, what we have agreed is that he is going to come in training with us to start off with and then we are going to revisit it later when the commitments that he’s made to other people are no longer in place.

‘The door is left absolutely wide open. It’s up to Alan and me to come up with the right solution for him coming in here. I’ve left the door wide open because I respect him and know that he would bring something to the party.

‘He’s now got a bit of time to think about it and he will think about it deeply. As he always has done in his life, he will come up with the right decision. I’ve definitely not given up on it and Alan’s not said anything to my knowledge that suggests he doesn’t want to do it. I think deep down he does.’

As for one-handed celebration-meister Alan Shearer, he is leaving things wide open after turning down the opportunity to go to Southampton, Shearer said:

‘I’m going to be very busy for the next six or seven months. I’ve got my BBC commitments and my charity work. I’m also working on getting my Uefa Pro licence. I wish Southampton all the best.’

So will recruiting Alan Shearer mark an upsurge in Newcastle’s fortunes?

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