Despite leaving Arsenal Henry’s influence remains…

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has revealed that he is still close to Thierry Henry, and he gives him tips, advice, and praise. Adebayor said:

“Thierry is like my brother. He has just sent me another message right now to congratulate me. He talks to me a lot.

“During the summer he told me he believed in me, he believed in my qualities. I want to thank him a lot as he helped me out a great deal.

“He sends me messages saying ‘I know you have a lot of qualities, you have scored 15 or 16, but you can score more if you concentrate more in the games’.

“That is what I am trying to do now, to listen — and I am very happy.

“I don’t know if he speaks to the other players but the most important thing is that we are in touch. I like to talk to him.”

So despite leaving the Gunners, Thierry Henry continues to aid them from afar – could a coaching role beckon in the future?

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