Middlesbrough’s resident chubster needs to slim down

Mido’s clearly familiar with the concepts of takeaways and speed-dial; how else can you explain the timber that the Egyptian striker has been lumbering about with for some time. Surely it’s not that much to ask professional footballers to stay in shape? On the day where we’ve reported that the Spurs squad have all converted fat into muscle, Sky Sports report that the Boro forward is still a month away from first-team action. Get your hands off that pie Mido!

“Mido is working very hard in training and I have seen a big improvement in him over the last couple of weeks,” Crosby told the Evening Gazette.

“If he continues to work at this rate then it might be another few weeks.

“He is going to be in decent shape at the end of it and hopefully he will be pushing for his place in no more than a month or so.”

We were going to bring you a special preview picture of the former Tottenham striker in training but we couldn’t scale down the photo to fit on your PC. Perhaps we’ll try again in a month when Mido loses a bit more of that puppy fat.

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