Quest to undertake January transfers auditing

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Sky Sports reports that the English FA have appointed the Lord Stevens-headed Quest to undertake the auditing job of the January transfers carried out by the English Premiership clubs. Quest was also responsible for undertaking the inquiry into bungs but failed to come up with anything concrete to prosecute anyone.

FA Director of Governance Jonathan Hall says:

We are very pleased to have engaged Quest given their excellent credentials and experience. However, this transfer audit is a very different undertaking to their previous inquiry carried out for the Premier League. It will focus specifically on reviewing The FA’s processes in respect of the new Agents Regulations, assessing compliance with FA Rules and identifying any areas of poor practice within the industry.

Of course this auditing business is not an inquiry but a careful analysis of the transfers that have been going on in the top flight of English football last month. But who knows, Lord Stevens and his comrades might well come up with a few shady-looking transfer deals.

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