Sir Rod Eddington pessimistic about Premier League plans

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The Premier League’s plans to expand the Premiership geographically by playing a 39th game every season in international venues have hit a dead wall as there have been more voices of caution and opposition than there have been of support.

So much so that the man supposed to be behind the whole idea himself has voiced pessimism at the deal ever coming to fruition. Sir Rod Eddington, the former chief executive of British Airways, says that with more opposition than support, the Premier League might as well have to swallow humble pie on this matter before long.

The Melbourne-born man says:

We are up for it and would very much like it to take place. Melbourne’s hand is up to host matches and the same goes for Sydney. But the games have to mean something and be competitive to make it work, not just exhibitions. But it’s unlikely to happen if the authorities are not in favour and both the Australian Federation and the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) have come out in opposition.

Uh-oh, seems like the Premier League will have to forgo this ambitious plan. Guess everyone will be happy with that.

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