Becks on Premier League plans

England international David Beckham is not a person to take sides in any debate and the former Manchester United midfielder has stayed true to his character in this matter too. The LA Galaxy player says that although he acknowledges the Premier League’s plans to play 10 Premiership matches in international venues, the concerned authorities must first discuss the options with the supporters and the players.

Becks says:

They have got to be careful because there are so many games, so much football, in the Premier League already. It has got to be looked at long and hard, and many people have to be asked for their opinions, like the players and fans. It would be nice for the fans to be asked what their ideas and thoughts are because they are the people that make that league and they are the ones it is going to affect. Ask the fans, ask the players and go from there.

Becks doesn’t add anything new to what several other top football figures have already remarked. He is actually carefully towing the line, or if you will, sitting on the fence. Cheeky, eh!

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