Arsenal captain blasts ‘arrogant Manchester United’

You can practically guarantee a war of words leading up to a game between Arsenal and Manchester United, with this weekend being no different. Sure, there’s been some mutual compliments coming from both camps but Gunners captain has disregarded the pleasantries in favour of giving their arch-rivals a slagging off instead. Sky Sports report the Frenchman has well and truly lit the blue touch paper.

“They are a strong team with lots of experienced players. But, sometimes, they think they’re too good. Too arrogant, yes,” he told GQ magazine.

“It can make you complacent. We understand that problem. We know we have to score goals, be strong in defence and kill teams in the first half.

“Our squad can win things. And I know that it will be difficult for Manchester United to win.”

Surely this accusation of arrogance from Gallas is the pot calling the kettle black? The former Chelsea defender is no stranger to strutting around a football pitch, lording it up when his team have won a match. Until last season, the Gunners had a player in their squad whose arrogance superceded anything the Red Devils can offer. Thierry Henry is now plying his trade at Barcelona.

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