Ex-Newcastle manager mouthing off again

The Guinness Book of Records will be paying Sam Allardyce a visit this weekend. There are rumours that the former Bolton and Newcastle manager does indeed have the biggest chip on his shoulder that’s ever been seen. Further evidence of this could be heard on TalkSPORT where Allardyce openly criticised football chairmen who react too quickly when the fans speak out against their manager.

“Huge businessmen, multi-millionaires in their own right, very clever men, but never been shouted at.

“They can’t stand the pressure, their knees buckle, they don’t stand strong and they use the easy option to take the pressure off themselves.

“They have to be the strongest ones and often they’re the weakest ones.

“They might like the limelight when the success comes but they certainly can’t put up with the other side of it, which is really quite volatile now.”

While Fat Sam may insist these comments are not directed solely at Magpies chairman Mike Ashley, it will be seen by the United board as a thinly-veiled swipe at them. Do you think Newcastle are now regretting their decision to axe Allardyce or are Newcastle fans still glad to have seen the back of him?

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