Premier League adamant on international matches

Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards is obstinate that the Premier League’s plans to play an extra round of Premiership fixtures in international venues spread across the world even though FIFA, UEFA and AFC all are against the plan.

Sir Dave says:

We are going to the FA board meeting on Thursday and will go to Fifa the week after next to explain why we are doing this.

I believe when they see for themselves what it is about, Fifa might just say they have jumped the gun a little bit. They might just listen to us more sympathetically.

What about FIFA president Sepp Blatter? Will he be convinced of the plan?

I am sure we will be given a fair hearing by the new FA chairman Lord Triesman and I am equally sure Sepp Blatter will have a vastly different view once he has heard from us personally.

Tall task for the Premier League and under current circumstances, success do not appear likely at all.

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