Liverpool gaffer tells players: No more rotation

At long last, Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has learnt his lesson. He is reported to have told his players that he wouldn’t impose his much condemned rotation policy any more this season since the Reds are chasing only fourth spot in the English Premier League and have only the UEFA Champions League silverware to win this season.

Most football pundits suggest that it is Rafa’s consistent rotating of his squad even when his team are performing well that has cost the Reds their season(again). Yet till now Rafa had been obstinate on his idiosyncracy but now the former Valencia coach appears to have softened down on his tone.

Rafael Benitez is quoted as saying on Monday:

Everybody’s sad, everybody’s disappointed but the players are training well. They know the Champions League is an important competition and also they know they have two targets now, to finish in the top four and the Champions League. I have explained this to them. We don’t have to rest players with four competitions in mind.

Good then for Liverpool and this new system will only allow the players to play regularly and the pattern of football played by the Merseyside too would remain more or less constant. Rafa has backtracked on his original notions at last, even though it might be too late to save Liverpool’s season.

Yet Benitez being Benitez, he is not to shrug off his obsession in one day, is he?

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