Why Andy Gray could ruin my Carling Cup Final!

An English Cup Final – Ok not THE English cup final but one all the same . . .

For the first time in about 4 years I am interested. It’s not the usual suspects, it’s actually a game with more than a sense of rivalry, two teams that like to playing ‘pretty’ football and a team in Spurs that deserve greater reward for their football in the last 2 years than they will ever receive from the average Arsenal fan . . .

However one thing can ruin all of this – Andy Gray. He is the most anti (any club out of the top 4 commentator in the history of the game). And not only do we the English tax payer give his homeland better pay for teachers, police and nurses – but we also get inflicted by him through one of our stealth taxes (SKY) with his constant drone and sarcasm towards teams that are not Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool. Bets are closed on who Andy would like to win!

On Carling Cup Final Day, I will mostly be having a chicken roast and a nice comfortable seat in front of the television. I hope Andy loses his voice and is replaced by someone who does not like the sound of his. Then whatever the result we can appreciate the football and not the person – yes Andy football is bigger then you? May the best team win and may it be a truly fantastic affair (oh Andy your good at those too!)

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