Arsenal manager reiterates European Super League conviction

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has long been a proponent of a European Super League and even after the dismantling of the G-14 group, of which the London club was a vital member, the Frenchman is not at all convinced that a breakway Super League wouldn’t be formed by the richest clubs in Europe.

But how? Wenger underlines the new Premier League proposals of playing an international round of Premiership matches in venues spread across the world. Although most of the major football figures are against the move with even FIFA and UEFA Cup chiefs declining to back the move, there is still a dim possibility that the proposals would be accepted after much modifications.

This is how Wenger believes the Premier League propoals would construct the foundation for a European Super League:

When the idea of the 39th game came out it created a lot of resistance domestically, but it also created a lot of resistance from the official organisers of the big competitions. They want to continue to master the international competitions themselves and to protect their own competitions. I believe if a real threat would come out from a domestic league for international competitions, then certainly they would get a response from Uefa or Fifa to organise themselves.

For example, let us accept now that England organise a 39th game. Then tomorrow, Italy will organise one, France will organise one, Spain maybe as well because they can go to the Latin countries. It looked like it could happen when we had the second [Champions League] group stage, but the television did not want to buy it anymore.

What Wenger says does make sense yet you are not entirely convinced by his arguments. First of all, the majority of the Spanish and Italian clubs in the top flight do not care a rat’s ass about promoting themselves shameless like most of the Premiership clubs, even those battling relegation, do. That is one chief reason why the Spanish and Italian leagues are not as popular worldwide as the Premiership is although they provide a better spectacle of football(at least, La Liga does).

And if indeed a European Super League is created, then that would imply an end to the football as we know it. The gap between the rich and the poor clubs will only increase and the television market will be solely taken over by these football clubs, apparently the cream of the crop. And that will signal the start of the end of football.

Morbid and kind of ludicrious, I know, but that is a distinct possibility nonetheless.

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