FA firmly against Premier League plans

The English FA had a Board meeting on Thursday to discuss the Premier League’s proposal to play an extra 39th fixture in international venues and came up with a decision that was being expected of them.

The FA has declared that it is against any such plans by the Premier League and want no disruptions to the current format of the Premiership. A statement by the FA chairman Lord Triesman reads as follows:

At the moment, we have not seen a sustainable plan to which we can agree. If the Premier League has things it wants to say about changes or new variants, well then they will come forward. But personally, I would prefer it happened sooner rather than later because I don’t want this to drift on particularly as we are about to launch our World Cup bid (for 2018). In general I think uncertainty is not very helpful if it goes on for any length of time but that is a matter for them.

Sorry Mr. Richard Scudamore but maybe it is time that you accede defeat and stop ranting about your tall plans. Everyone disagrees with you and it is good for all that the plan is nipped in the bud.

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