We get it already, Henry leaving Arsenal was the best thing of all time

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Arsenal midfield star Alexender Hleb has once again reiterated that the current squad is much better off with French star Thierry Henry. Earlier in the season, the Belarusian international medio made a sensational claim that Henry was actually inhibiting the Gunners team from developing and becoming a true team.

Now Hleb insists that Henry’s departure to Spanish giants FC Barcelona in the summer has actually helped the players galvanize. He says:

I know why we are so good, the explanation is simple.

Until last summer, we had just played for Thierry Henry. He was running the show. Whenever I got the ball, I was looking up, ‘where’s Henry?’

I did not care to go for goal myself! And if once in a while I dared to pass the ball to someone else, he would shout, ‘hey, I was free!’

When he was on form, we won everything. When he was off form, we lost. That has all changed. We are not a one-man band any more.

Nobody complains when I risk some dribbling. That’s the reason for our good performances – we were set free.

True enough since Arsenal are top in the Premiership table and have played some wonderful football this season. Can they hold on till the end of the season?

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