Birmingham’s Kapo out for a month

Poor old Birmingham City. The Midlands club are mired in relegation worries and need all their players to be fit to battle out for survival as the month of May storms closer and closer. But now they have been dealt with a vital injury.

Olivier Kapo has been sidelined with a hamstring injury for a month. He sustained the injury during Saturday’s ill-fated Premiership clash with Arsenal in the Premiership. Blues manager Alex McLeish says:

Kapo is out for four weeks with a hamstring. I think playing with ten men put an extra strain on all of the players. Kapo was key for us in the first half because he provided a great outlet for Maik Taylor and he also won an awful lot of balls in the air for us and kept the ball alive for us in the first half. In other circumstances the ball may have just kept coming back into our half and putting us under more pressure. But unfortunately I think the extra burden that it put on him in particular has taken its toll.

That implies that Birmingham would be without one of their more important players for at least one month. One can only pray for McLeish’s side. May they cope with the problem easily. Amen.

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