Rafa Benitez to compromise his rotation policy

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez is renowned for his extremely controversial in-game rotation policy. Whilst being extremely equable in terms of theory, in practice it is almost illogical as it is the fans and, in this case, the owners, who become annoyed and frustrated at seeing Steven Gerrard on the bench.

Rafa Benitez said in response to the interrogation:

“I think so. It will depend on the players in the end, but we can keep some players playing more games now,” said Benitez, speaking shortly after Everton’s 2-0 victory away to Manchester City seriously upped the pressure on his side in the race for the final Champions League place,

“Everton have a lot of confidence right now and it was a good win for them (on Monday), but it’s a long race,” the Spaniard added.

“Portsmouth, Villa, Everton, City and us will all be there. I’m not sure if it will go to the final game but I think a lot will depend on these three games we have in a row.”

Should Rafa compromise? Or should he (stubbornly) stick to his game and spite the critics of his tactics? Will his own ego prevail over what is best for the underachieving Liverpool? The title is long gone for Liverpool, but is Rafa’s rotation policy worth the risk of a Champion’s League position? One would think not.

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