Liverpool co-owner not to sell stake

Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks has denied that he is even remotely inclined to sell his stake at the club. Relationship between the club’s American co-owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks and the club’s supporters has been severely impaired and it’s no secret that the club’s supporters will be more than happy to wave off the duo from Anfield.

Yet Hicks is obstinate that he will not flinch under the current circumstances. A statement prepared by him reads:

Reports that I am about to sell my stake in the Liverpool Football Club, or to invite DIC to examine the club’s books in preparation for such a sale – like other such reports planted in the UK press in recent weeks by parties with their own self-interested agenda – are absolutely and categorically false.

The reality is that I am personally, professionally and financially committed to the club and its supporters and that I will continue to honour that commitment to the best of my ability now and in the future.

So Hicks is staying put at Liverpool but his partner Mr. Gillett is reportedly on the verge of selling his stake at the club to the Dubai-based DIC. The Liverpool supporters would actually like to see both the Americans leave the club and would embrace anyone, absolutely anyone, at the moment.

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