Middlesbrough chief hits out at FA

Middlesbrough chief executive Keith Lamb has clawed himself out of his shells and has blasted the FA for refusing to accept Jeremie Aliadiere’s appeal to recede his red card and also for branding the club’s appeal as “frivolous”.

The French striker was sent off against Liverpool on Saturday for slapping Javier Mascherano but the club appealed against the red card on Monday. On Tuesday though the FA dismissed the appeal and imposed a four-game ban on the player.

Lamb vents his spleen:

We are furious and totally astounded that the commission, without consultation, should consider our appeal to be frivolous.

Who are they to know our minds when we made this appeal?

We are appalled at the decision and the entire process. How can nameless, faceless people on a commission decide that our genuine claim for equality and justice be dealt with in such a flippant manner?

It is a disgraceful comment to suggest our claim was frivolous. We agonised over it before deciding to submit a claim for wrongful dismissal.

The Oxford Dictionary definition of frivolous is ‘not serious, shallow, silly or trifling’, while in fact we spent more than two days considering whether or not to appeal the incident.

It seems strange that only recently Chelsea’s appeal against Michael Essien’s three-match ban was rejected but not considered ‘frivolous’.

It appears that there is one rule for the big boys and another for the rest of us.

We considered Jeremie’s dismissal to be extremely harsh.

We find the inconsistency displayed in this whole incident unacceptable and quite unbelievable.

But to be frank, Boro weren’t right in appealing against the red card. After all the sending off was legitimate and Aliadiere should serve his ban.

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