Premier League delay meeting with FIFA

The Premier League were to meet FIFA officials on Thursday regarding their 39th game proposal but a statement from the Premier League says that the meeting has been put on hold. The meeting has been postponed until the Premier League can clear up certain issues to make their case stronger while presenting the plan to FIFA.

This is the statement from the Premier League:

The Premier League have been discussing their strategic global development with numerous professionals throughout the football world.

It is our considered view following these discussions that we need to conduct further internal studies and consultation before seeking the advice of the world governing body Fifa and the key confederations.

This project is still very much in its infancy, was always subject to development, clarification and wide consultation and we remain disappointed that these facts and many others were lost when early opinions were formed by many without any detailed knowledge.

Having consulted with Fifa, we have decided to delay our planned visit whilst we conduct further work prior to addressing them and their confederations formally.

We sincerely believe that the Premier League has much to offer the development of the game internationally as witnessed by the many federations and leagues that currently seek our involvement and advice.

There never has been a rush to conclude these matters and we are more than willing to take time to develop our proposals further before seeking approval, without which it is not our intention to proceed.

And this is the statement from FIFA:

Fifa have been advised by the English Premier League that the league, accompanied by senior representatives of the English FA, does not seek a meeting with Fifa at this time to discuss the project of a 39th match day to be played abroad.

Fifa welcome the Premier League’s decision and initiative – which re-establishes the positive and constructive relations between the FA, the FA Premier League and world football’s governing body.

But what more changes does the Premier League want to wring in its plans? And will they be able to convince FIFA with their proposals? After all, FIFA chief Sepp Blatter has already said that he doesn’t approve the Premier League plans and it wouldn’t be difficult to believe that the Premier League are fighting a lost battle.

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