Carrick accepts Fergie’s midfield rotation policy

Michael Carrick hasn’t been quite a regular player for Manchester United in the midfield this season but the England international has no sorrow over this affair. He says that he has full faith in his manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s policy of rotating the midfield players and garners support for this policy.

Carrick says:

You have to get used to it. It’s not a case of getting dropped, it’s about making the right decisions for the benefit of the team.

You have to look at the bigger picture for the whole season. The boss has got all the experience in the world, he knows exactly what is required over the course of the campaign.

You don’t want to be sat on the sidelines, but you can’t get too down. Your chance comes round pretty quickly.

As the years go on it’s becoming more and more of a squad game. Every game is important. But everyone here is happy to miss the odd game if you can win trophies at the end of the season.

There’s so much quality in our midfield, and the advantage of that is that you can adapt to different games, opposition or scenarios.

Each player has their own strengths, it’s not like we have five players who are all exactly the same.

There is a good variety, and that gives the boss options. So far it’s worked pretty well. Players have come in and out, and it hasn’t seemed to affect us. It’s working really well.

So far Fergie’s policy of playing a plethora of players in the Man United midfield has certainly reaped dividends. After a somewhat indifferent start to the season, the Red Devils have gathered momentum and there is a considerable chance that they may taste the fruit of success at the end of the season.

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