Spurs manager Juande Ramos targets the UEFA Cup

Tottenham Hotspur manager Juande Ramos is in a typically bullish mood in his first full inteview since the Carling Cup triumph at Wembley on Sunday. He is obviously optimistic about the club in the long run but has underlined another objective for this season.

No prize for guessing which silverware Spurs next want to go for: it is the UEFA Cup. Ramos has won the trophy with his former club FC Sevilla in 2006 and 2007 and wants to do his personal hat-trick with Spurs this season. Ramos says:

We still cannot be considered one of the big teams. We are not at the same level as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool.

We have to continue working from game to game, although the trophy will make things slightly easier.

When I landed at the club I never thought about how much time would go by before success arrived, but it was essential to urgently change the dynamics of the team.

We were immersed in a run of bad results and we have done just that. We have changed the team’s results in the Premier League, both cup competitions and the achievement has been brilliant.

When we arrived the club was in a negative inertia. We were in a very negative situation and that just took us to obvious defeats.

So it was fundamental to change the dynamics and the players’ mentality because otherwise, it would have been impossible to move forward. The team’s progression at the moment is in full development. There’s a lot of league games ahead of us and then there’s the UEFA Cup, so we have to carry on working.

Although our first objective was to make it to the Carling Cup Final – and we have done that – we have to try to get as far as we can.

It’s great to carry on winning titles. It’s not that I want to improve on all we accomplished with Sevilla, but it’s very satisfying.

We have to carry on this way, carry on working because it’s that hard work which has got us this far, but I don’t want to think ahead of that.

Can Spurs win the UEFA Cup this season? Possibly not but with Ramos at the helm, maybe yes.

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