Obafemi Martins commits crime against humanity (well, Geordies)

Anyone who doesn’t know Kevin Keegan is a Obafemi Martins! Surprised?? Well, when you get to know that at the time of the appointment of tthe Toon legend as the new manager of Newcastle United, the Nigerian international had no idea whatsoever who Keegan was, you would certainly be amused. At least, I was!

The former Inter Milan striker has admitted that it was only after talking to his Geordies team mate Geremie that hecame to fully appreciate who Keegan was and why there was so much of fanfare and hype at his appointment as the leader to shepherd the Newcastle flock. Martin remarks:

I honestly didn’t know anything about him. But I quickly learned things and realised what an important person he was.

It was Geremi who told me all about Kevin Keegan. He rang while we were both out in Ghana – Geremi was with Cameroon – to say that Keegan had been this great player and what a good manager he was for Newcastle.

When I got back we had to introduce ourselves to each other. I had an ankle injury but Keegan told me he wanted me back and fit to help the team. I told him I wanted that, too.

Now Martins certainly knows who Kevin Keegan is. And moving onto more serious matters, Martins speaks about a new contract with the club:

It should be sorted out in the next two weeks. I want to stay here because I love the fans and they love me. I can imagine playing for Newcastle for many, many years. I have settled in well, the area is cool and I’m happy.

A new five-year contract is on the cards it seems but Martins does have to improve to be a regular for Newcastle since there is supposed to be a massive revamp of the side in the summer with a plethora of new faces slated to be imported to St. James’ Park.

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