Will Gillett cough up his share to Hicks, or is he partial to some DIC?

Billionaire American dosh-meister Tom Hicks has saved up enough dosh to gobble up his friend billionaire American dosh-meister George Gillett’s stake in Liverpool according to every newspaper worth its salt, oh and The Sun too….
However, George Gillett is digging his feet in and stubbornly refusing to sell up to his business partner mate. The Sun journo Phil Thomas writes:

“Hicks has spent the past few days negotiating with Gillett and will block any plans his co-owner may have to sell to Arabian investment company DIC.

“They are poised to make a formal offer for 50 per cent control — Gillett’s shares — later this week.

“Yet Hicks has a contract with Gillett which allows either man to block the sale of any of their shares to a third party.

“Hicks, who is backed by associates in the States, will put Gillett’s resolve to the test by matching any offer the Arabs make — around £150m.

“Gillett’s name has been noticeably absent from all recent official statements from the Americans and privately has told friends he does not want to sell to the Texan billionaire.

“But he has never yet gone against his partner’s wishes and Hicks is optimistic he can talk his one-time close ally into selling.”

Will Gillett cough up his share, or is he partial to some DIC? Will all this ownership japery and musical chairs actually make one iota of difference at Liverpool?

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