The Moyesiah loves his Timmy Howard! Were United wrong to let him go?

The Daily Mail reports that Everton boss Davie Moyes thinks that his rock, Tim Howard, is one of the key elements in his team’s top-4 chasing season. Moyes said:

‘To me, he was the best keeper in the country in that first season for Manchester United.

‘There were some outstanding keepers in the Premier League then, just as there are now, but he was something else. He settled into English football straight away and was outstanding.

‘It didn’t go quite so well after that and he had to put his career back on track when he came here.

‘But I always felt he could. I’m not so sure confidence was an issue at the time, though it clearly can’t have helped being out of the team.

‘Really, I just think he needed a bit of love and attention. He needed to feel he had a part to play and was wanted and he got that here.

‘In return, we’ve got a keeper who has proved a more than capable replacement for Nigel Martyn’.

Although Howard was an absolute steal at £3million, Moyes still rates freebie signing Nigel Martyn as his best ever signing – will Tim Howard go on as long as his predecessor? And were Man Utd wrong to let him go?

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