Why does Micah Richards love Home Alone?

Manchester City and England defender Micah Richards has been outstanding this season and continued his meteoric rise to a level of superstar in the making. However, a statement he made recently could undo all that great work.

There’s a worrying announcement in Micah’s regular BBC column, which is actually a refreshing look into a footballer’s day-to-day activity – and which he took over from previous columnist Kevin Nolan.

“I don’t see so much of the other players while I am doing the rehab work,” he said. ”It can be quite lonely and I have been watching a lot of DVDs. I have got a big collection, including Home Alone, which is my favourite film. In fact I’ve got the whole series of Home Alone films.” (BBC Sport)

OK, I am no film aficionado but it’s a sad state of affairs when a film such as Home Alone is proclaimed the best-ever movie by anyone over the age of 12.

I think something is wrong. Can anyone recommend good films to Micah? Maybe we can put together a goodie bag of DVDs for him to peruse? Any ideas?

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