Sunderland manager wants Premier League referees to be more fair

Now, now….. what does Sunderland manager Roy Keane have to say about the referees? Certainly not something positive, I guess.

Anyway, let’s hear him out. So now steps forward the fiery Keane onto the stage:

Five major decisions have gone against us.

We keep talking about fairness but the decisions certainly haven’t gone our way. You’re looking at six points lost.

I spoke to Mike Riley after the Derby game but you get little satisfaction because the game has gone. You end up feeling paranoid about things.

Since I’ve been in the job I’ve been to see three referees. That’s not bad going really considering the decisions that have gone against us.

I find it very hard to take some of the comments that come my way from referees and officials and generally the attitude to our football club has left me very disappointed.

The attitude seems to be ‘It’s only Sunderland’. All we’re asking for is fairness in the game and this football club is not getting that at the moment.

Come on, Keane, get on with it. Okay, so we accept that a few decisions went against you but you cannot blame everything on the referees. Maybe you don a ref’s costume and officiate a match. Then you shall understand how it feels like to be a referee.

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