Arsenal manager puzzled by Mourinho comments

It’s been a fantastic week for Arsene Wenger after watching his team prove the doubters wrong by winning 2-0 at the San Siro on Tuesday night. However, it’s unfortunate that he’s had to deal with obnoxious comments from David Bentley and Jose Mourino in the interim, the latter stating how he’d like to ‘kill Chelsea’ on his return and claiming Wenger only has to polish jewels at Arsenal. The Guardian report that the Frenchman is flummoxed:

“Why should you always have to kill other people to exist yourself? If you do that, then somewhere, you feel you are not good enough,” Wenger said. “If you have to come out all the time to destroy people, what is life about? Winning and destroying people can never be everything.”

Indeed, most of us will be in agreement that Jose Mourinho is mentally challenged and that he probably deserves sympathy for his inability to be gracious or complimentary about anyone apart from himself. Let’s hope his condition improves as the years wear on or that he instead just stays away from football altogether.

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