Is football full of cheats, or is Wenger becoming a paranoid mess?

Arsenal gaffer Arsene Wenger has railed against the darker elements in the Premier League, lambasting the cheats managers who bend and contort around the rules. The Sun claims Wenger said:

“I know people who have won trophies and I don’t rate them.

“I can give you examples of people who have won the Olympic 100 metres and they have cheated. I know people in football who have done exactly the same. But for me, sport is more than just winning trophies. Winning cannot be everything.

“What is important for me is to play in a fair way and in a way that people will enjoy. Of course winning is important — but so is moral integrity.

“A trophy is something you can show only for the moment. But what remains after that is the way you have played and the way you have behaved. These are also important.”

So is Wenger right to rant against the cheats or is he fast becoming the Premier League’s King Lear, lashing out at ghostly conniving cheats that aren’t even there?

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