Kanu: I do not fear Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo might beat the life out of all defenders with his world class free-kicks but Portsmouth striker Nwankwo Kanu says that he is not afraid of the Manchester United star’s set-piece sorcery.

Man United and Portsmouth clash in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup at Old Trafford on Saturday and the Nigerian international says:

Nothing scares me because I’ve been through a heart problem that was bigger than anything. So I am relaxed and I just want to play and enjoy my life.

For four or five hours I did not know where I was while having surgery. But eventually I came back.

Where we come from, we are not afraid of any- body. Ronaldo’s just a name.

He plays football and we play football. We are playing against Manchester United, not just a name. We just want to go and play. Of course he is a good player and you have to admire him.

He’s scoring goals. But he’s not the only one. They have other great players.

We know what he can do. He dribbles, he crosses the ball, he does the tricks — and those free-kicks. Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world but other players are also doing well.

We have a spirit in the Portsmouth team and there are a lot of African players who know what it takes.

When we play for Nigeria we don’t fear anybody. We just go and play. That’s the way football is supposed to be.

If we were going to play against United with fear and thought we would be beaten 4-0 there would be no point in travelling all the way to Old Trafford.

Well, not to come down too harshly on Kanu and Portsmouth but it would be good for Pompey should they not sound so confident ahead of the match. Man United and especially Ronaldo are in scintillating form and are set to rip apart the boys from Fratton Park.

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