Mourinho is the latest in a long line of people to annoy Mr Wenger

The Guardian is reporting that Jose Mourinho is the latest in a very long line of people who are getting on holier than thou Arsene Wenger’s nerves. Wenger initially popped his head out of his paranoid bunker after Mourinho claimed that Arsenal were “unique team” due to the fact that Wenger hasn’t won a trophy for the Gunners in nearly three years and yet he is still worshipped there.
Wenger hit back, choosing to critique Mourinho’s mentalist confession that he wanted to “kill” Chelsea. Wenger said:

“Why should you always have to kill other people to exist yourself? If you do that, then somewhere, you feel you are not good enough.

“If you have to come out all the time to destroy people, what is life about? Winning and destroying people can never be everything.”

Mourinho and Wenger, the bitch-fest continues!

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