Spurs manager indicates summer changes

Tottenham Hotspur have nothing to play for this season but manager Juande Ramos is disinclined to let his players stretch their legs and lay down to rest.

The Spanird insists that the Premier League games between now and the end of the season would be the barometer that would help him assess the mentality of the players that he has at the moment. He has also indicated that a revamp of the squad is to be accomplished in the summer and this implies that no player in the current Sours squad is guaranteed to remain at White Hart Lane beyond the summer.

Ramos says:

We’re not going to be taking any decisions as regards any changes to personnel until we can sit down and evaluate things calmly in the summer.

What I’m interested in now is to see how my players respond to getting knocked out of the Uefa Cup last week and how they perform between now and the end of the season
These games are very important to us.

There are lots of games between now and the end of the season when the players can show what qualities they’ve got and what kind of standards they can achieve football-wise.

It’s important to see how they perform and it’s a challenge for them too.

It’s not about individual players.

You don’t talk about individuals but a squad and the structure of a squad. You want players who include all the qualities to take the club forward.

I look at it that I’m doing my best for the squad and the team, not that I’m going to upset somebody because I’m going to leave him out of a particular game.

I treat all players equally and will continue to use their abilities for the good of the team.

We’ve got to look at the squad. The sooner we can get the squad together the better.

When I arrived here there was a squad in place and I’m still working with that squad.

When I look at players I don’t look at where they are born
There are good players and bad players in Spain, Italy and France. It’s a case of my desire is to make the squad competitive, it doesn’t matter where the players come from.

It’s just about getting the right players for the squad.

Ramos says much, doesn’t he? It is obvious to all that certain players need to be chucked out of the club and you know as well as I do who they are. Ramos is indeed a shrewd man and Spurs are better off with him.

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